Printing Plates

Bimeks is a solution partner of printing and packaging sector, working with flexo and letterpress printing systems, with photopolymer printing plates. Torelief and Aquaflex water wash photopolymer plates are produced in a wide variety of types and sizes, and to the highest standards. They are quick and simple to make and easy to use; offering superior ink transfer with lower ink consumption and long, consistent press runs. Our plates are processed using water wash technology with no harsh chemicals. Our specially developed Aquaflex range of processors ensures our plates enjoy the fastest wash times in the world today giving you repeatedly excellent results.

Flexo Printing Solutions

Bimeks has solvent-free solutions for flexographic applications. Our water-wash, photopolymer plates give consistent results every time, finer resolution, deep reverses and excellent ink transfer. Our plates are compatible with water, UV and solvent-based inks - available in Digital and Analogue formats. Rapidoflex is our latest UV flexo plate. Rapidoflex is solvent-free and press-ready in under 20 minutes; the fastest flexo plate on the market.

Letterpress Printing Solutions

For letterpress solutions our Torelief water-wash plate range is available in both Digital and Analogue formats and gives consistent results, wide latitude, finer resolution, deep reverses, durability and ink transfer. Torelief DHX4 Analogue & Torelief Precision Digital plates can be used for all letterpress, semi-rotary and dry offset applications. Torelief Analogue plates can be made by exposing the image using matt negative film. Torelief & Torelief Precision Ultra High Resolution plate materials have been specially developed to meet the growing demand from the industry for ever finer reproducibility. The new technology employed in the formulation of these materials allow the user to obtain a sharp and accurate printed result. This specifically formulated plate will produce a very fine screen ruling and gives trouble-free performance on press.